“Just one sachet per day, taken on an empty stomach, and the effects are noticeable after only a few days. This product definitely goes on the list of my favourites this month! “


“Is it working? I will say it briefly – yes.

But in combination with the proper rational diet. After 21 days of using the product I am 2.5 kg lighter, and most of all I feel lighter. I think also, that I have less fat in the tummy area. I am happy with the product and I highly recommend it – especially if you are young busy and overworked mums. “


After 21 days of treatment, I feel much better, I do not have constipation, I am not bloated and my appetite has decreased.

I think Detox has worked but it’s hard to measure and show you the effects. I just feel better and the product fits great with my diet. Although the taste of it is not really good because I’m not a big fan of olive oil but lemon juice really makes it easier”

Kasia Koniakowska

My friends just finished 15th day of Detox by Volante.

Not only that they are still in process of detoxification, they weight drooped about 3 kilograms (7 pounds). I personally recommend this type of products. They are good for your health and improve your mood. Remember that you have to do detoxification with caution. I think that Detox by Volante is proper product for you needs because it contains high quality olive oil and ecological lemon juice”

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“I am very happy with the condition of my skin.

Of course, let’s not skip the fact that during the treatment I applied natural cosmetics, which significantly alleviated the symptoms. I am glad that I started the treatment on holidays when I did not have to do makeup. The skin was not overloaded in such a way and I could observe it.”

A Natural Health Elixir

How did the 3-week supplementation affect my body?
I have certainly provided myself with the right amount of minerals and vitamins, which is visible already on my nails, which had white, tiny dots and it disappeared. From time to time, I also had constipation, and thus – unpleasant tummy pain, which, luckily, was completely eliminated. It is a pity that I could not see how many toxins were in my body, but I hope that I got rid of them at least for some time.

After a while, I felt that treatment improve my mood. That’s how purified liver works on our bodies. I have more energy. I feel like more nutrients are floating around my body, my digestion improved and my metabolism accelerated. I have an impression that my skin condition is better. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about vitamin C which supports your immunology system.”

Blog testuje i opiniuje.

“My body got used to it very quickly and I think it treated the treatment as a good start of the day,  after a few days I noticed an improvement in my morning well-being.

Just after drinking the mixture I felt better, I had more energy and willingness to act. As for the effects that I was able to see after the treatment, they were not radical. As I mentioned at the beginning, the lack of radical changes in the diet and radical purification will not bring any radical results. That’s how it was with me. I usually try to eat reasonably well, avoid excessively processed food and drink herbs such as purges and nettles (although irregularly), I have also been supplementing with vitamin D and omega-3 for a long time. So I think that my body is not heavily polluted. Nevertheless, the treatment made it evident that in the morning I felt better, the moisturizing of my skin also increased (despite the use of light acids overnight, I do not need an additional moisturizing cream, which was previously necessary). I did not notice any side effects of the treatment. “

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I used this product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is obvious that you can’t eat junk food during treatment because it won’t help much. So during my detox, I avoid all food considered unhealthy or high-calorie. I have to admit that after the treatment my skin looks better and no skin imperfections occurred recently. I feel lighter and I have more energy every day. Taking Detox by Volante became my daily ritual and taste of supplement didn’t turn out to be bad, it is little bitter.  I would love to try Detox by Volante again later.”

Z mojego punktu widzenia

I could not complain about the metabolism earlier, the more so because I have eaten healthy. When shopping, I always check the label, with the ingredients that are in the product. I prefer to pay more than to make a trash from my stomach, to burden my liver, barely recovering from the virus. Even so, I eat sometimes something unhealthy, which I regret later. With the skin, there were no problems, except for a few surprises, perhaps the supplement influenced its cleansing.
Because I’m genetically burdened, it started to bother me with certain symptoms. What surprised me, after the recent tests, blood sugar level reached the ideal level, which was not there for a long time, because earlier it exceeded the norm either in one way or the other.
I also felt more energy to play with my granddaughter, I don’t feel tired as much as I used to. My cellulite decreased to such an extent that it is not noticeable. You can believe it or not, but in my opinion, the cure works and it’s worth it, to use this detox once in a while.

“Lemon juice and olive oil have strong cleansing properties, and that’s what I care about the most.

Thanks to this treatment, the body is able to remove all unnecessary residues from metabolic processes. Detox by Volante helps to speed up the removal of these toxins even more. It also helps to stimulate the liver, and protect our body’s cells from the negative effects of free radicals, slowing down the ageing process.

How do I feel after taking a monthly treatment? Will say very well – I have the impression that my hair and nails a little strengthened. The body was cleansing, I had no problems with metabolism. I think I will reach for the next dose after the two-month recommended break. “

Blog Czary Marty

“The most important, what effects I noticed and whether at all?

I did not notice that my skin was looking better. Maybe because it was in good condition before treatment. However, I noticed changes in the stomach. I often had problems with bloating, I often felt that my stomach was bloated. When the I finished detox by volante, I noticed that this problem had disappeared. I’m happy because I did not believe it would give anything. “

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“.. the effects I noticed persist for a long time after the end of the treatment.

And what are the effects? I feel lighter, it’s probably because of getting rid of toxins from the body. My skin is also better, which I noticed in the middle of the treatment. I recommend anyone who wants to cleanse their body. “

Rytm mojego zycia.

Try it!