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Detox By Volante


Detox by Volante is a combination of high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil together with freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and soy lecithin


Food supplement Detox by Volante is a made from profound market observation and clients’ opinions. Meeting consumers’ expectations, we made a food supplement based on natural indigents. The main aim is to clear the toxins out of the organism and improve functioning. The product should be used together with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The supplement can be used even 4 times a year. Product use is made for 21 days during one medication within 3 months interval in between. Diet supplement should be used only by the producer indications.

Detox by Volante contains 21 sachets. Each sachet contains 4,75ml olive oil, 4,75ml lemon juice, and 0,5ml soy lecithin.

Detox by Volante can be used by each person, who leads a healthy lifestyle. The product is not suitable for children or those under 18.

Charm Yourself.


Premium Extra Virgin. Olive Oil

Our olive oil plantation is based in Extremadura, known as the land of Don Quixote. Olive oil is milled in 4 hours from collecting and have exceptional taste due to low 0,12% acidity.

Freshly squeezed ecologic lemon juice.

Our lemons come from the land known as the most famous lemon plantations-Valencia. We are putting lots of effort to place lemon juice into Detox by Volante sachets, immediately after squeezing.