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Mysterious Free Radicals

We often hear information about mysterious free radicals that have a bad effect on our body.
They have become so popular that it is difficult to meet a person who has not heard of their negative effects. But what exactly are free radicals and how to prevent their formation in our body?
Free radicals in our bodies are unpaired oxygen atoms. Each oxygen atom on its last orbit has an even number of electrons. During some chemical processes occurring in our body, one of the electrons is detached. The atom of oxygen without one of the electrons becomes a free radical. He then looks for the missing electron in his surroundings. Attacks other oxygen atoms and searches for the missing electron. When he manages to steal the desired particle, he converts another oxygen atom into a free radical, and the whole cycle is continued. The free radical is not picky, however. He also looks for his electron not only among his kin. The missing particle is also reported among, for example, protein atoms, fats and nucleic acids. Such actions cause a violation of cell bottom structures, acceleration of ageing processes, development of atherosclerosis, an occurrence of arthritis, diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, and in extreme cases, tumours.
To prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body, you should provide antioxidants that naturalize their development.
Products with a high content of vitamins A, C and E help in getting rid of unwanted atoms. Any products that contain iron or copper also contribute to this. Products such as olive oil and lemon juice have a positive effect on the body because they have a lot of beneficial antioxidants.

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