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Who we are?

The team at Volante, together with our investment community, have created one of the largest Super High Density (SHD) olive grove in the World, a highly efficient plantation technique which minimizes wastage and allows higher control over the olive groves during the different growth stages.

What makes us different?

 95% of the World’s olive oil is produced at farms of about 5 to 10 hectares, from old olive trees. The traditional olive cultivation methods practically have not changed in more than 2,000 years. This practice creates an extremely fragmented market and a highly inefficient industry.
Co-operatives make blended olive oil from hundreds of different producers mixing hundreds of different types of olives and oil qualities.
Volante recognized this inefficiency and used a pioneering Super High-Density planting technique to modernize and industrialize the olive oil making process to produce consistently the highest quality olive oil at 0.2% acidity or lower.