We created a product
for women - from women.

Detox by Volante was created as a natural food supplement from the highest quality Spanish ingredients. It was women - who told us how to do it, when to use it and how long for. We just put it together and took care of the highest quality ingredients and their special combination, while maintaining valuable nutritional values.

We believe that everyone has the right
to know what he gets every day.

That's why Detox by Volante consists of the highest quality
Spanish olive oil and organic lemon juice.

Your opinions are the most important for us.

``Is it working? I will say it briefly - yes.
But in combination with the proper rational diet. After 21 days of using the product I am 2.5 kg lighter, and most of all I feel lighter. I think also, that I have less fat in the tummy area. I am happy with the product and I highly recommend it.``
- Opulenciscara


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